Aug 20, 2022
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Lotteries duel Contacts | Start with Free Money

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Now don’t need good-luck to win lotteries. In the smallest contest (duel) everyone has a 50 % chance to win lotteries.

There are two tickets in each lottery.  Only 2 users can participate. Each user can buy only one ticket. As soon as sold two tickets auto the Completely Random system Without any Human Intervention arranges a draw. within 5 to 15 sec result is displayed on the Completed raffle page. the system automatically sent an email to the winner for notification.

online Crypto Casino offer Mini lotteries with one on one competition(duel) from a minimum of 1 cent to 10k. The casino offers a welcome bounce of 500 coins free per sign-up. no credit card is required.

How to buy a ticket

1- Select a lottery by the value that you want to buy from the home page of

2- click on buy ticket, and a window opens a picture place. Enter the number of tickets that you want you.

3- finally Press the buy tickets button .

Casino give the facility of a minimum bet of 1 cent on all games.

other available games

1- Mini keno: there are only nine numbers. everyone can win the next game.

2- Roulette: this game is also available with a minimum bet of 1 cent and a maximum of 10k.

3- Baccarat: Baccarat game is also available with a minimum bet of 1 cent on Casino

4- Mini Lucky Wheel: Mini Lucky Wheel is also an amazing game with a minimum bet of 1 cent

5- Raffle lotteries: a lot of raffle lotteries are available with one on one competitions. everyone has a 50 % percent chance of winning.

Click here to visit the casino

There are two tickets in each lottery.  Only 2 users can participate. Each user can buy only one ticket. As soon as sold two tickets auto the Completely Random system Without any Human Intervention arranges a draw. within 5 to 15 sec result is displayed on the Completed raffle page.…

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