Jun 5, 2023
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Smoked Salmon Nova Lox Sandwiches

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Delight in the perfect harmony of flavors as Smoked Salmon Nova Lox dances on your taste buds, enveloped in a soft, freshly baked bagel, accompanied by creamy cream cheese, crisp red onions, and vibrant capers, creating a classic and satisfying sandwich experience

In this mouthwatering shot, a trio of Smoked Salmon Nova Lox Sandwiches takes center stage. Each sandwich is carefully crafted with layers of thinly sliced smoked salmon nestled between two halves of a perfectly toasted bagel. The vibrant pink salmon contrasts beautifully with the creamy spread of cream cheese, while the red onions and capers add a burst of color and tangy flavor. The shot captures the irresistible allure of these iconic sandwiches, inviting viewers to take a bite and experience a true delicacy.

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